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Mercedes PRO connect is an integrated digital system that works remotely and onboard to help make your business more efficient, intelligent, and safer than ever. This innovative connectivity package is available for Metris and Sprinter models* and can bring your business to a new level of day-to-day operational efficiency.

Business owners and fleet managers can experience the benefits of Mercedes PRO connect by registering with our welcome package — free until 06/30/2021.** Once an account has been activated, there are a number of administrative tools available through the Mercedes PRO Portal. With this portal, users can:

  • Manage the account: Fully manage available Mercedes PRO connect solutions.
  • Assign capabilities: Select and assign new Mercedes PRO connect products and services to each vehicle.
  • Manage users: Create additional users and assign roles and authorizations for each user.
  • Administer vehicles: Add and manage vehicle information quickly.

Mercedes PRO connect not only offers tools on the management side, but also provides connectivity solutions between managers and their drivers. The components that make up Mercedes PRO connect are:

  • Mercedes PRO connect App:^ Drivers can easily access valuable vehicle and job-related information.
  • Communication Module:^^ Available in new Sprinter and Metris vans, the Communication Module ensures the broadest range of connectivity from the start, quickly transmitting data with the permanently installed 4G LTE SIM card. As the prerequisite for using Mercedes PRO connect services, the Communication Module makes daily work even more efficient.
  • Vehicle Management Tool: The fleet manager’s customized hub of connectivity that provides a comprehensive overview of fleet resources — simplifying logistics and increasing productivity.§

As part of the Mercedes Pro connect package, there are two bundles of services available — each providing solutions for every connectivity need.

 A) Optimized Assistance Bundle

Improve your overall work experience by increasing safety, improving navigation and route planning, as well as optimizing vehicle health. This bundle is complimentary for 36 months after new vehicle purchase in conjunction with activation of services in the Mercedes PRO Portal.

 B) Efficient Fleet Management Bundle

Increase efficiency with a complete overview of your van and fleet from the Vehicle Management Tool. Digitalize your fleet through Remote Control and simplify your business with improved communication and increased productivity.

For detailed information on the specific services included in each bundle, speak with your Mercedes-Benz Manhattan Sales Rep.

*Models may include options/packages or services not standard on a Sprinter (as of MY19) and Metris (as of September 2019 production, MY20). Specifications are subject to change. Services require vehicle cellular connectivity and availability of vehicle GPS signal. The Mercedes PRO connect connectivity and fleet solution is available for The new Sprinter (as of MY19) and the new Metris (as of September 2019 production, MY20). **After expiry of the welcome package, your Mercedes PRO company account will remain valid and you are able to continue using the free products and services of Mercedes PRO connect in your Sprinter. To continue to benefit from the full portfolio of services, please note that the chargeable services must be purchased after expiry of the welcome package. Mercedes PRO is available for the Contiguous US, Hawaii, and Alaska with the new Sprinter (as of MY19) and Metris (as of September 2019 production, MY20). Contact your Mercedes-Benz Manhattan Sales Rep for more information. ^In order to prevent distracted driving, the use of the Mercedes PRO connect App is not permitted while operating a motor vehicle. Use while operating a motor vehicle, results in an increased risk of endangering oneself and others. Please follow all applicable federal, state and local laws and restrictions. ^^The availability of services in addition to the integrated Communication Module for Digital Services (LTE) depends on the network coverage of the mobile network provider. The Communication Module for Digital Services (LTE) is not available in the US Virgin Islands or Puerto Rico. The Communication Module for Digital Services (LTE) is standardly equipped in the Sprinter (as of MY19) and optionally equipped in the Metris (as of September 2019 production, MY20). §For using the Vehicle Management Tool, the bundle “Efficient Fleet Management” needs to be assigned to vehicles in an active MPRO account.


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