AMG® Driving Academy


As a Mercedes-AMG® owner, you’re privy to a driving adventure like no other. At AMG® Driving Academy, you’ll experience the true capabilities of numerous AMG® vehicles, while pushing the limits of your driving ability.

The AMG® Driving Academy is an intensive, high-speed, higher adrenaline experience for those looking to push their driving and select Mercedes-AMG® models to the limit. Offering five distinct program levels, from PERFORMANCE (formerly BASIC) to ADVANCED to PRO, to the brand-new PRO+ and DRIFT; this is where motorists become drivers.

If you purchased a new Mercedes-AMG® model in the last twelve (12) months, a complimentary seat at any of the PERFORMANCE Training programs is waiting for you.*

Once you are ready to redeem this exclusive offer, simply call our toll-free Registration Center at 1-888-604-1766 (Mon–Fri, 9am–5pm EST). Please have the following information ready:

The vehicle purchaser’s full name
The vehicle purchaser’s full address
The vehicle model year designation (i.e. “2016 Mercedes-AMG® E 63”)
The dealership name at which the vehicle was purchased or leased
The full Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
Valid credit card
Driver’s license

Please know that AMG® Purchase Reward eligibility will be verified and subject to the redemption rules and restrictions.

Seats are limited, and like the vehicles themselves, they go very, very fast.




WHAT IS THE PURCHASE REWARD? It is a one-day track experience at AMG® Driving Academy PERFORMANCE Training.

WHICH VEHICLES QUALIFY? All new Mercedes-AMG® vehicles purchased in the U.S. qualify for the Purchase Reward Program. A customer has one year from the date of delivery to register and attend using the Purchase Reward Program.

IS THIS VALID FOR CPO OR USED AMG® VEHICLES? No, it is not valid for CPO or used AMG® vehicles. It is only valid for purchase or lease of new AMG® vehicles.

DOES THE PURCHASE REWARD HAVE ANY CASH VALUE? CAN AN OWNER/LESSEE SELL THE PURCHASE REWARD? No, there is no cash value, it is non-transferable and is only for legal owner/lessee.

CAN A CUSTOMER APPLY THE CREDIT TOWARDS ANOTHER AMG® DRIVING ACADEMY PROGRAM? Yes, a credit of $1,895 can be applied to ADVANCED, PRO, or PRO+ courses if the customer has met the program prerequisites. AMG® Purchase Rewards cannot be applied towards the DRIFT program.

WHEN CAN A CUSTOMER REGISTER FOR THE PROGRAM? Customers can register once vehicle delivery has taken place. MBUSA will validate legal delivery within 30 days of customer reservation.

HOW MANY TIMES CAN A CUSTOMER ATTEND? One Purchase Reward experience per Mercedes-AMG® vehicle purchase or lease, with no limit on purchases/leases.

CAN A DEALER REGISTER A CUSTOMER? Yes, a dealer can make a reservation on a customer’s behalf.

ARE THERE ANY AGE OR RESIDENCY REQUIREMENTS? Customers must be 21+ years old and legal U.S. residents to participate.

ARE MEALS/TRAVEL/ACCOMMODATION INCLUDED? No. Accommodation, travel and meals, other than on track meals, are not included and are the responsibility of the customer.

WHEN DO YOU HAVE TO REGISTER AND PARTICIPATE IN AMG® DRIVING ACADEMY? A customer has one year from the date of delivery to register and attend using the Purchase Reward Program.

*1. New Mercedes-AMG® owners who purchase a new 35, 43 or 53 model on or after April 1, 2019, will no longer receive a complimentary seat to the U.S. AMG® Driving Academy. However, they will be able to receive a credit of $895 towards a PERFORMANCE training at the U.S. AMG® Driving Academy. A remaining balance of $1,000 will be due at time of registration in order to officially reserve a seat in the program. The $895 credit cannot be applied towards any other courses including; ADVANCED, PRO, PRO+ and DRIFT trainings. It does not include travel nor lodging, which remain the responsibility of the reward recipient. Availability in the US AMG® Driving Academy events is limited and not guaranteed. The AMG® Purchase Reward has no cash value and cannot be exchanged and/or substituted for any other rewards. The AMG® Purchase Reward is non-transferable and only the owner may participate. All remaining Mercedes-AMG® (45, 63, 65 and GT) models will continue to receive a complimentary seat to PERFORMANCE training or a credit of $1,895 can be applied towards ADVANCED, PRO and PRO+ trainings, within one-year from the date of delivery, pending availability. The cancellation policy for this reward will remain the same.

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